Rubik’s Record

Been a little while since I’ve written on here. I swear I probably start every single post with that line. Anyway. Since last time I wrote I’ve spent a couple weeks of time back at home and also did some runner work on a programme for Channel 4 which was interesting considering I hadn’t driven in nearly 2 years and then I was tasked with driving to Kent and back. It wasn’t as hard to get back into the swing of driving again and then I quickly remembered how boring driving actually is. The worst part about being back home and then doing that job was that I couldn’t go to the gym for 2 weeks and I started to really feel fidgety without going.

I also took part in the 2011 Depaul UK Rubik’s Cube World Record attempt in London. The task was to have the most number of people solve the cube in one place within an hour. The previous record was set at 301 just a week ago at a school in India so it was a great success when we managed to finish with 330 people. Rubik’s also kindly donated £100 for every person taking part. On that one day, we managed to beat a world record and also raised £35,000 for charity which can only be fantastic! There was a real mix of people there from all different walks of life and also at very differing ability with the Rubik’s cube. There were some speedcubers there and there were also some people taking part who had never finished a cube before. There was also a blind guy there who managed to finish his specially textured cube before some of the people with full vision. When my brother and I got to our table, there were two guys there and one of them had never done a cube before and literally just walked in off the street to help raise money for charity. I didn’t stay to see if he eventually managed it but good on him for turning up anyway.

The house is also getting empty and lonely now as half of my housemates have moved out so I’m on my own more often than not. The peace and quiet is nice but there’s nothing to do. I’m just trying to stop myself from going insane before I disappear to France for a week. Really looking forward to having a nosey round Paris and getting a bit of ‘cultcha’. I think I deserve a holiday.

Oh yeah, I also managed to graduate with a First Class degree with honours which was unexpected but very welcome. Can’t really complain about that!


~ by robertftaylor on June 19, 2011.

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