Return for 2012

Just happy to be there

It’s a new year and a new chance for me to restart this old blog and actually post some stuff up on here. The last time I wrote was just before my trip to France way back in June. Half a year later (christ, it has actually been that long) and I’m now with my awesome girlfriend who I got together with in Paris. Been together since then and all is good, apart from her living 3,500 miles away in Quebec, but that’s a small problem.

I have a couple of things to post up on here over the next few days including a bit of travel blogging I did when I was in Detroit airport for 7 hours. It doesn’t paint the best picture of Detroit but I didn’t entirely enjoy my stay at Wayne County Airport. I’m sure the rest of the city is great (seeing as it has spawned some of my favourite musicians like Electric Six) but I didn’t really get it. You will also get to see what an 8 hour flight did to my mental psyche.

That’s it for now but will post something up in the next couple of days. I’m going to start re-using this for video game blogging as well. Want to keep up to date and all that.


~ by robertftaylor on January 11, 2012.

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