Detroit Part 1/3

I did a bunch of traveling this summer and one of the places I got to see (well the airport at least) was Detroit. After having to spend 8 hours there for a connecting flight, twice, I got to know the airport quite well and had a few things to say about my fellow passengers and locale. This is Part 1.


It’s not that I don’t like traveling, I do, it broadens the mind. Apparently. But here I am stuck in Detroit for the second hour with just another five left to go until I can finally get on my flight to Quebec. I’ve not seen much of Detroit so maybe the airport isn’t the best thing to judge a whole city, and subsequently the whole of Michigan, on but from what I’ve seen, it’s brown, flat and brown. Oh, did I mention that it’s brown? From out of the plane’s windows it looked like scorched earth with a smattering of paddling pools and lakes here and there. Maybe it’s the fact I’ve already been traveling for 13 hours that I’m a little bit miserable but my flight from Heathrow was incredibly dull, as was the person I was sat next to.


Our relationship didn’t get off on the right foot and I feel that I may have been far too aggressive from the get-go, but she needed to know who was boss. I decided which seat I wanted well in advance and I wanted to have a window seat. Not for any real purpose other than that I can lean on it and fall asleep. That’s probably the only reason. So, when I go to sit down and find a small Arabic looking lady sat in my seat, I had to inform her of the power-balance that I was about to strike. With a flash of my boarding pass and a mumble in what can only be described as unintelligible British charm and anxiety, I got her to move. I managed to move a woman with nothing more than a flash and a little white lie.


This your seat?” she asked.

Yes. I need to sit by the window or I get travel sick.”



~ by robertftaylor on January 12, 2012.

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