Detroit 2/3…and 100 posts!

Here’s part 2 of 3 of my travels in Detroit but it is also my 100th post! I’ll make a proper picture or something for it when I can be bothered. ETA: Never.


It was as easy as that. I didn’t get much other interaction out of her other than that and it took me a while to place who she was, where she was going and what her whole deal was. From my spyin… I mean observations, I could tell she was a Jewish woman (Sherlock Holmes here) who was from Washington (couldn’t say whether it was DC or not, I could only see her driver’s license for so long) and her last name was Fartun. That made me laugh as any childish man would. You may have noticed that my description changed from Arabic to Jewish and there’s good reason for this. At first I figured she was a Muslim from her get-up. She had a head-scarf and had henna painted all over her from head to toe. And yes, I did see her toes. She got her shoes and socks off despite my judge-filled glances so I saw all of her little piggies. I eventually pin-pointed her as Jewish from her special tray of food that had KOSHER plastered all over it. I didn’t realise you could get kosher eggs and mushroom but apparently so. I bet she’s glad she got her kosher meal as my omelette and selection of fruits weren’t killed in the right way. It just annoys me when people get ‘special’ meals when it’s not entirely necessary or sensible to do so. For starters (pun intended) she got her meal before everyone else and also got a much larger meal than I. Not that mine wasn’t enough, but her tray was filled with all kinds of goodies. Croissants, sesame seeded roll, omelette with mushrooms and a mushroom sauce, soft cheese and some chocolate. The worst part of all this is that she didn’t even eat it all. For my breakfast I had an omelette, cheese and crackers, a plain bread roll and some fruit. What part of that meal isn’t kosher?


Next to us the company wasn’t much better. It was a huge Jamaican couple who I am eternally grateful to have not been squashed up against. The woman had such a chubby face that she looked like an overweight bulldog who had been pushed at high speeds backwards on a skateboard. All of her face seemed to gather up at her nose. The gentleman wasn’t much different and he looked rather uncomfortable for the entirety of the eight hour flight. I was thinking, as I was trying to stand up at the end of the flight, that they should prioritise who gets to stand up first. All of the fat people should be made to stand up last as they take up more space. If the plane had five or ten fat people on them, which is beyond likely, if they all stood up first, they are taking up the room of twenty people between ten of them. Leave them seated and let the rest of us have some space. Besides, the couple sat down after five minutes of waiting as their kankles hurt.


~ by robertftaylor on January 15, 2012.

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