Detroit Part 3/3

Here is the third and final part of my trip to Detroit. Maybe I should add some pictures to these. I’ll do that later.


After listening to David Mitchell the other night ranting about how they should adopt a different queueing system at pubs in which people who are ordering anything more complicated than ‘a beer, wine or simple mixed drinks’ then they should be made to join a separate queue with other irritating people. The same should also be true with the toilets on planes. Number 1? Come up front. Ohh, what’s that? You need to drop a dook? Join the long queue. This shouldn’t just happen on planes, but in any toilets. Anything more complicated than a tinkle, then you’ll just have to hold on and join your brethren. This system would also allow the Number 1ers to relieve themselves without getting the previous occupant’s particles up in their nostrils.


It’s been 50 minutes now and I’ve just managed to hit 1,000 words. I’ve still got four hours left and I can see a Wendy’s over to my right. I’ve always wanted to try a Baconator so today might finally be that day. I’ll go and have one and will no doubt be writing about it as there’s nothing else to do.


Just so you know, I had a Baconator and it was delicious. So much so, I had a double Baconator on my return trip to England.


~ by robertftaylor on January 17, 2012.

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