Tonsils the size of moon rocks

God damn I feel awful. Let me get you back to the start of this woeful story, to whence Lord Tonsillitis cometh my way. It was a Sunday afternoon and I felt especially tired considering the lack of any activity that was outside of my usual routine but yet I insisted on staying up and watching Sherlock despite a 6:30am start the next day. After waking up at 3am and then consequently vomiting, I realised that work probably wasn’t an option. So, for the last 5 days I’ve been staying in at home doing nothing more than listening to old episodes of My Brother My Brother And Me (which is incredibly funny by the way) and playing a mixture of Skyrim and The Binding of Isaac. I did go to the Doctor who prescribed me some penicillin and I’ve been on that the last two days. It’s starting to clear up but my throat is still a little bit sore. It is in dire need of some huggems and lovin’. My friend asked me how my throat felt and I said it felt like I had been deepthroating Hellraiser without my knowledge. Maybe he snuck in during the night and plonked his bits in my mouth without me noticing. Although, with needles poking out of it (I mean, it’s never explicitly said if his WHOLE body is like that, but we shall presume it is) it would hurt immensely.

The Binding of Isaac though is a fantastic and genre-warping game that I absolutely adore. Once you get past the fecal and urine soaked exterior, it really is a heart-wrenching story about a little boy who has nobody in his life to turn to. I will definitely get round to writing a whole piece on it but man, I feel so sorry for that kid. The final ending (before the super mega update coming in a month or so) nearly had me in tears. It’s so sad but also puts the rest of the game into a perspective that more than makes up for all of the piss and shit.

But I should probably do some sleeping now as I need to get my rest to fight off this infection in my face. Look at that face above. Does he look happy? Fuck no he doesn’t.


~ by robertftaylor on January 21, 2012.

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