Do what makes you happy

After watching this, I wanted to take the video’s advice and sit and play Halo all day as it’s something I thoroughly enjoy doing, but, according to my girlfriend, playing XBox all day does not constitute as professional development. Ahh well. That’s sort of why I’m back on this blog and back to writing. I’m currently trying my best to learn French so I rarely get to write in English. I probably only write in English to my family and even then it’s nothing elaborate. I think I’ll start writing more often and I might even have an idea for a novel in my head. Part biographical, part detective-dinosaur story. Think it needs some work.

On a more serious note, the above video is something that really connected with me and sums up how some of my friends are feeling with their lives right now. It’s hard to do what’s expected of you when you have to be doing something you detest doing. You’d like to go and do what you love, what really makes you tick but “real-life” keeps getting in the way. Dedicate as much time as you can to doing the thing you love whilst still contributing to “real-life” as much as you can until you can eventually transition into doing what you love full-time. It’s a hard notion to stick to and something I know I’ll be guilty of not doing but I’m gonna try.

Time to open up OpenOffice and put some words to paper.

~ by robertftaylor on December 7, 2012.

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