Sandbox upper tier – I also hit Rank 40


So, if you didn’t know already, Halo 3 will be given three new maps in the coming months. If you’ve pre-ordered the Legendary Edition of Halo Wars, they get bundled in for free. If you choose not to buy them through Halo Wars, you’ll have to wait a little while before you can get your hands on them. The second part of the interview with Bungie about the new maps was released on IGN and it is a whopper for Forge fans. One of the new maps ‘Sandbox’ will not only include an updated object list and a grid for easier placement, it will also include a second tier called the ‘sky bubble’.

This ‘bubble’ will be a higher level where items can be placed and stay floating. It means that you can essentially build two levels in one space. Another cool thing with this ‘sky bubble’ is, is that if you fall off the side, you actually get killed instead of just landing on the floor below. This will now allow people to finally create some maps that do not have to use walls to block off the play space.

I am really excited about this new feature and I can’t wait for the possibilities it will bring. Finally, Moon Hammers can be half decent. Grifball would also be very interesting to play on an arena without walls. It would mix up the strategy quite a bit and allow people to push their opponents off the map. As I’ve said, very excited about this new feature.

Hit the link for the interview here.

For all of the screenshots, click here.

I was playing Lone Wolves the other night and managed to push myself from 35 to 40. Not bad. What I found the weirdest is that I didn’t struggle to win any of the games. I managed to just plow my way up the score table and won every single game. I only played four games and went up five ranks. I think I should definitely try for that illustrious 50 some day.


~ by robertftaylor on February 10, 2009.

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