Not a lot


So yeah. I haven’t posted in quite a while now and that hasn’t been because I’ve been busy. I’ve actually had plenty of time to post, I just haven’t been bothered. I think that summarises most of my life to date. I could have done maths or physics but I just couldn’t be bothered. Hmm, maybe I should have tried a little harder and made the effort. I would talk more about my childhood but I can’t be arsed.

Enough larking around, I need to get on with this post. The picture above is the fruits of my labour after googling  “how to make a picture like obama”. I thought I’d have to go into Photoshop and make a big ole Vector image but there’s this really cool site ( in which you can upload photos and make them CHANGE. I tinkered around with it and the best way to do it is to make a .png with a transparent background and then upload it. Mess around with the different colour levels and have fun with it. I did do one of Master Chief but didn’t bother saving it, ahh well.

I left Uni the other day and I am safely back home and doing absolutely nothing. I have a ton of work to get cracking on with but will do that some time in the nondescript future. I’m too busy hanging out with friends and that. I need to go into Staines again tomorrow to take some jeans back that broke. The top button on them has come off and not due to my waist line. It just fell out of the hole it was meant to be sitting in. I blame the children in the sweatshops. They need to be beaten harder. (I jest, I jest.)

I also started a re-make of the Halo 2 map Sanctuary on Sandbox in Forge. It looks pretty good so far, but I haven’t even finished one base and I think it’ll be too much work to do any more of the map. However, there is a competition over at ForgeHub to create some re-makes and the prizes have not yet been disclosed. I may finish this map in hope of getting Recons. Hmmm, I really am sad.


~ by robertftaylor on April 10, 2009.

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